Zimbos seem to have so much time for social media especially where there is a link (or possibility of one) to love and romance. Just yesterday I read about 3 different columns on an alleged Ammara Brown sex tape and WhatsApp groups have been buzzing on how Calvin is dating Latoya. Yes I said Latoya because apparently he is dating Latoya (Latoya Eland on Facebook) from his label Kontrol Tribe which however has a plot twist, since it’s actually his ‘good friend’ Latora Jade Roberts. Bloggers where quick to be the voice of the people and spread what Calvin dismissed as rumours of dating Latora Jade Roberts, stating that they are only just good friends. This was Calvin’s response earlier today on his Facebook page:

So apparently I’m now in a LOVE relationship With Latora according to the press and bloggers, cz of this pic I posted, well this is one o my best friends who I cn say I love yu to cz I actually do love cz we good friends like dt, What happened to Pearl? dd I dump her? Was it after Kalawa? What happened to her only me n her knows, n PS me n her we not enemies. I honestly don’t get whr all these assumptions and questions come from, for the record me and Latora is good friends it’s sad dt me being a public figure everything is taken out of context and ppl connect whatever dots they feel suit the situation at hand.

I personally don’t care much abt who writes what abt me but to put other ppl on blast at my expense is pretty fxckxd up, coz I’m out here cooling and bona they getting unnecessary attention and drama around em from family friends and workmates.

So from now on must i keep all my ppl off my timeline?

Two things led to this conclusion actually: firstly Calvin posted a picture or two with the gorgeous Latora on his Instagram page which may (or may have not) suggested the two are together and secondly on his Facebook page he posted, and I quote “When u find the one to love, don’t have mixed emotions about it, time waits for no man” adding a feeling of love plus tagging Latora on the post. Another thing, on both accounts, he neither denies nor agrees with people’s reactions to the post, of which most are congratulatory messages on their union, shady? Maybe, maybe not, this is the Luveve boy after all. Again, he’s dismissed rumours that he dumped his previous girlfriend Pearl. Smh social media though. We are still to here Latora’s say in all this.

Anyways moving on to what we do best, promoting good music, film and arts, congratulations to all nominees of the ZimHipHop awards especially (in this case) Calvin and Kontrol Tribe. Congratulation for all the nomination once again, we hope with our votes you are going to bring these awards home. You can read our Kontrol Tribe review here.