Described by CNN African Voices as the “New face of Zimbabwean Comedy,” Carl Joshua Ncube has been flying the Zim flag high locally, regionally, and internationally in Australia, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and USA, among others. You have been witnesses of this probably through the media with a couple of headlines right? Well, here is an opportunity to be part of the craze now. Sir Carl will attempt to break the Guinness book of records “Most stand-up comedy performances in 7 days” from 17-23 august. The record definition is as follows:

  • This record is for the greatest number of comedy gigs performed at different venues within one week.
  • This record is to be attempted by a comedy act.
  • For the purposes of this record a comedy gig must be over 30 minutes in length and given before a paying audience (in receipt of printed tickets) in a recognized venue, which normally stages comedy nights.

The Rules for Most comedy gigs in one week are as follows:

  • Each concert must be given before a paying audience (in receipt of printed tickets) in a recognised venue, which normally stages comedy nights. The venue can be a theatre, conference or community centre, exhibition hall, public hall, or public house with a capacity for a seated audience. As an alternative, a stadium registered for staging concerts and similar events may be used.
  • Tickets must be advertised and available for sale to the general public through the usual outlets.
  • The concerts should be accessible to members of the press for the purposes of standard reviews.
  • Each gig should last at least 30 minutes from start to finish, and should be planned and rehearsed in advance. An encore may be included in the time-frame.
  • The performers should be paid. The gig should be of a professional standard and of a similar content to the usual act performed by the individual attempting the record.

Current record stands at 30 shows and Carl will attempt to do 35 shows in 35 venues over 7 days! I know what you are thinking, having performed on grand stages like the Stand Up Africa, Nite of a Thousand Laughs EXTRA, Gotham comedy Club New York, Comedy Central International Comedy Festival, among others, then this should be easy peasy right? But Carl can’t do this without our help. Let’s attend in our numbers and help Carl print his name in the book of records. Knowing Ncube, he’s gonna break this record in style.