So FOMO hit hard and we finally bought Sharky’s album on iTunes, we have lots to say about his craft. Half way through the album we already got how it landed on the iTunes Zimbabwe number one spot. Blessed are those who attended his album launch, fun was had. So, we listened to Soko Matemai for about three times. The first time we were just appreciating the craft, listening to the drums, mbira nehosho was refreshing for a change. The fusion with some trap and rap completed the package. The skits are something else, and the introduction (track one) was well thought out. It’s a collection of mitupo (totems) and you are most likely to hear yours. The album is bundled in a cultural atmosphere. Some of the tracks have deep shona proverbs that aren’t common with the average 20 something year old. The ancestors did stamp their approval on this one.

In the second session we gave an ear for the message. You can tell what has been going on in Sharky’s life and how he responded to most situations through this album. The struggles in tracks like Rusununguko, Taita Seiko, and Shungu are everyday relatable struggles. Not only do they portray his come up struggles in the industry but also growing up as a child. Sharky goes a step further to give solutions to some of the social ills in songs like Varume and Vakadzi where he puts his activism against abuse and infidelities into rhymes. In both tracks he adds drops of hope, that you can overcome anything.

Third time we noticed that the album doesn’t have much artist collaborations (besides Crimson Blu & coded) but houses a variety of producers among them Afro8oi, Dj Krimz Beatz, Nags, Gwags, Tizzy, Rayo Beatz, and McLyne Beatz. We picked a track or two that could do with female voices like Shingi Mangoma, Trae Yung and Chenai. The album is suitable for your earphones, car trips, home theatres among other places.

No album would be complete without a turn up tune, Killin’ and Rova Ngoma do justice to this, even your legs won’t allow you to listen seated. Sharky is definitely going somewhere. Someone commented and said he’s the Zim version of Chance the rapper, young, not yet signed to any label, but tearing the charts. We can only wish him all the best in his career! We can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us this year.