Ever listened to a song that leaves you with that feeling of an unexplained excitement and the need to dance? Such was the feeling I felt the first time I heard Ammara’s single “Akiliz”, worth the wait and no doubt it will  be dominating local top charts soon (regional and International too). The single is produced by Dj Tamuka and veteran beatmaker Take Fizzo; this combo’s beats and tempo blend well with Ammara’s vocal range and the result is a dope track.  The song tells a story of a partner in a relationship who does not reciprocate the love they get from their significant other; all this person does is take! Ammara sings about how her money is spent, and how she has helped build her lover’s dreams but the only thing her lover does in the relationship is to cause her pain. In this song, Ammara is calling out “Akiliz” type of partners and asking them not to fake romance. Moreover this song highlights how one cannot buy love by spending on a partner who is just not in the relationship wholeheartedly. Love certainly does not cost a thing!

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True to her genre, this Afro pop singer has managed to deliver a banger infused with dance beats that will not lose their lustre over time. Another fascinating factor about this song was her use of tsumo which goes “rera imbwa nemukaka inofuma yokuruma”, again helping to illustrate how one can often overlook or not appreciate things done for them by a loved one and can even repay such kindness with spit. This song makes the listener ponder and reflect on their own relationship and evaluate if their lover is an “Akiliz”. The song title is interesting, and it left me wondering if “Akiliz” is a subtle reference to the legend of Achilles’ heel? Ammara paints a picture in which her love for Akiliz is her weakness, even though she sees his shenanigans she still cannot stop herself from bending backwards to keep her lover happy.

As always the Ammartians roared on Facebook and Youtube, airing out that the song was rich and deep in meaning. It is her first single to come off her debut album titled Ammartia scheduled for release on 1st October and she mentioned on one Youtube comment that the video drops the same month.

Rate it or hate it? I definitely give Ammara Brown’s single flying colours; this will be a dancing tune this summer and even a dedication to all the “Akiliz”. If this song is an indication of the quality of music we can look forward to this summer then #Summer2017 will be musically LIT! I foresee this song on repeat in most cars and might even be a great way to nurse some broken hearts.  I certainly cannot wait for the album .Slay Ammara #AkilizMustFall

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