So the Bulawayo Arts Awards second edition is on this May and the streets (national and regional actually) are ablaze with the hype. Both emerging and established brands are coming through to support the event in efforts to make it once more a phenomenal night to remember.  All this time before the big day means you adequately plan your slay and dance moves, and also save for the tickets (a dollar saved each week can see you there). Since we are already on the road to the Awards, I have helped you with a list of a few pit stops to make on your way to make it even more memorable since seasoned photographers will be there with their polished equipment and being shot off guard is the last thing we need. But before we dive in, make sure you go support your favourite artists by nominating them on the arts awards website. Bulawayo Arts Awards (#BAAzw ) are multi-disciplinary arts awards that recognize and honour exceptional individuals and collaborative artistic efforts in the city of Bulawayo, Matabeleland North and South. Those born in Bulawayo and practicing art around the world are eligible for nomination. You can check the categories here. That’s that, now the people you need to visit asap:

  1. Suqea Fashion Hub

Easily the first name on my mind, Sukoluhle has been doing the creative rounds lately, both doing the work and supporting fellow creatives. After successfully launching her Fashion Expression in 2017, she’s guaranteed to show you why she’s worth your time and trust for the Awards look. Let her brushes and powders flirt with your face a bit and see the magic in the mirror as a result! You can check her out on Instagram and facebook.

        2. Amanda Mutangadura

A house hold name in the game who needs no introduction, Amanda didn’t choose the glam life, it chose her so channeling that glam to you shouldn’t be a train smash. She’s been in the game for so long she’s now THE game!  Her Ah-Mazing portfolio is all you need to browse through to book a date before the big date. Wanna turn heads and make headlines? Visit the AM Model Management.

        3. Renee Seckel

If you think her voice is anything to wow at, wait till her tool box converses with your face, divine! Renee has worked with quite a diverse range of designers, film makers, artists, and events that the awards aren’t anything new to her craft, she will definitely slay. What I love about her makeup artistry is how she adds diversity and spontaneous ideas with each face. She maintains her signature look across people but at the same time introduces new creative looks. Looking forward to seeing more people tag her before, during, and after the event. .

Ok enough about makeup, now let’s get down to the cloth. Selected a few brands that I know will leave you dazzling even way after the awards. Let’s support these local creatives.

        4. Bongie Ndlovu

Ok so you may remember her from this article when she premiered her fashion concept dubbed Africanising the masquerade at the arts gallery few months back. I have been following her designs ever since and seems she’s settled in the game quite comfortably. She’s also one of the few designers I’ve seen come forward offering to dress people to the big event in May and I stan! Emerging designers are always wonderful to work with as they have a lot of creativity to explore coupled with willingness to learn! Oh, guys you are welcome as well to tag along here. You can check her designs here.

          5. Ideal Black Man Couture

One for the guys of course. Ladies are always complaining about Zim men showing up but not showing off. Every other Awards ceremony there has to be mourns on how Mr so and so didn’t put much effort in the wardrobe department. Well, Velile Dube and his army have heard your plea and are here to the rescue. One word I commonly use to describe the Ideal Black Man Couture label is ‘Tleen.’ One visit to them and you’re guaranteed to finesse the awards, don’t worry if you are mistaken for the VIP, it comes with the package. Do not be the guy at the awrds show, be the man!

          6. Eve-O

‘Nans’ iNdaba bafethu.’ My list will never be complete without the sassy Eve-O! Yvette Ndaba always serving that #SISHEBO flavour home and away. Yvette is guaranteed to bring that combination of texture and a royal feel of homeliness. Her designs which hug ladies of all body sizes and shapes will be the talk of the night (like all her other previous designs). She will crown you a jewel with her super power: beads, and a tip to those she will dress, ask for the Cape: thank me later!

It’s no secret that the Bulawayo Arts Awards will be banging even more than the first edition, question is: will you be contributing to the spark? Of course the answer is yes. This here is just a starter pack on how you can be part of the bigger movement at the same time supporting local creatives. Another even bigger move (especially to those who can’t attend) is to support the awards in any way possible. A major shout out to brands and initiatives that have already come through with pledges and support. You can also contact the organising team for updated budgets and partner opportunities on 0772214373/0782447731/0772970896/0772903459, . Let’s keep making noise 🙂