For a moment let’s assume life is a smart phone yes? Then, photography would be a combination of the camera and the micro SD card that capture and store your memories. These memories will be the discussion of tomorrow, reference and evidence of a blissful union. Photography is the passport to the bragging statement ‘kudhara kwedu isu taifara’ (we used to have fun in our time). Fortunately Zimbabwe is blessed to have quite a number of photographers that bless us with these bragging rights. Here are 10 names that definitely will make it worth your while:

PictureHubPhotographyPicturehub photography is a group of photographers and filmmakers based in Zimbabwe. Their body of work comprises creative, vibrant and professional services. “We believe in creating an environment for our clients that enables them to express freely who they are and we feel our job is to represent their uniqueness in a creative, vibrant and entertaining way, whilst creating meaningful content and establishing long lasting relationships.” They specialize in wedding photography and videography cut across diverse themes and venues. Their attention to detail is amazing. As if capturing divine images of the bride and groom and their team isn’t enough, family and friends are also roped into the awesomeness. So if you have a friend or relative getting married and you hear that PictureHub Photography is the team behind the lens then swag up and attend coz you’re guaranteed of a perfect shot yourself. Check out their portfolio here. This is the best Zimbabwean website we have ever come across. Also make sure you contact them and book your shoot here.

Karen Lowe Photography.Karen Lowe Photography – Family moments have never been captured this immaculate. Karen specializes in wedding, family, corporate, marketing and website, and also new born and baby shoots. She does photography courses every month to try and bridge the gap between client expectations and the skill of photographers, and also give you the opportunity to experience moments behind the lens! Her catch phrase says it all: ‘You don’t take a photograph you make it!’ She’s also no stranger to black and white pics, her editing brings out every important detail in sync with the background, the scenery blending with the people just how God intended. “Karen Lowe Photography provides a wide range of photographic services from studio to outdoor shoots, weddings & other events. You are guaranteed professional, friendly and reliable service.” Indeed you are guaranteed quality and reliable services, we read the testimonies on her facebook page: happy clients singing praises with some making bookings for their family and friends too. You can get hold of Karen here or check out her website here.

IMG-20160406-WA0013Ernest Mackina photography – A photo enthusiast whose snaps have elements of poetry. Ernest documents weddings in story form, from days before to way after the glorious event. His blending of different colors to match the theme are excellent. Mackina’s unique approach to visual storytelling as couples share the chronicle of their weddings make him the preferred photographer of choice. Having a poetic background, he will marry the pictures to a complimentary word play, just like how you got married when he took the pictures. He also specializes in corporate, family, event, and themed shoots. This you can see from his portfolio here.

Photofundi PhotographyPhotofundi Photography – More family and wedding moments here! Based in Longford Avenue, Queensdale, Harare and owned by super couple Takunda Gwatidzo and Maleeka Mahomed Gwatidzo, Photofundi captures themed snaps with your loved ones, be it pregnancy, baby pics, weddings, or maybe just a simple fun shoot with bae. Spoiler alert: this team is addicted sunsets, when they are done with you, you will never view the sunset with the same eyes. Taku and Maleeka offer pre wedding shoots so that you get to know them as your photographer and also get time to practice your pose for your big day. “We are a team of two photographers who specialize in everything from wedding photography, corporate and social events to portraiture.” The two are happily married and are in a good position to know and understand your wedding photography needs. For good times and sharp shoots contact Photofundi here.

Denzel Alpha PhotographyDenzel Alpha Photography – Thinking of updating your company ‘Meet the team’ page? Look no further because Denzel Alpha Photography are the right people for the job. Your profile will say a thousand words before your bio even spells out the first letter of your name. Denzel Alpha Photography also specializes in weddings and events such as musical concerts, corporate and social events among others. Even their logo is gold to represent the standards that they put in their work. Denzel Alpha has worked with Make up by Gamu in some of his shoots, him snapping and her doing the makeup. Together they have produced some of the most divine looks on their clients. Check out his portfolio here.

These are just 5 mini profiles of many Ah-Mazing Zim photographers. We hope to continue with the list next week and give you photographers that focus more on other angles besides weddings. Thanks for reading through, keep checking out our site for fresh content, events, interviews, podcasts, and many more.