It’s no secret that Zimbabweans are fed up with the system. We have been silent for too long and you know it’s a serious matter when the people can’t even use satires for the situation. The hashtag #ThisFlag was set to document the revolutionary in the country. Here I listed 3 things that I believe should have happened as a result of the hashtag among to help magnify the revolution (yes its a revolution, history is being made!):

  1. Accessibility of constitution and knowing our rights

Fact is most people do not know the constitution and their rights so to speak, as a result we become victims to brutality by the police and other law enforcers. Right now we are confused, is speaking out and calling government to account a crime? We need access to the constitution now more than any other time, it should be easily accessible to those both on and offline, in every national language even. If we get hold of the full document we will put the download link so that we are at least armed with that for starters.

  1. Using Arts for the revolution

Zimbabwean artists are quick to pick a trend and turn it into an artistic satire, sadly this time that’s not the case. By now you’d expect to hear titles like #ThisFlag Riddim from ZimDanceHall or maybe #ThisFlag Cypher/ mixtape from the Hip Hop fraternity whose singles we are always downloading every other day. The day will come when we will have to march in this revolution, what songs will we sing then? Poets where are your poems and sonnets? Theatre people I hope you are converting these struggles into relatable plays that will leave people with the right mindset and a clear picture of where we are headed right?

  1. Code Academy

With the growth in the number of startups in the country especially in the Tech field, it would be nice to have say an application where we can document #ThisFlag revolution for the world. This is the best time for global citizenship and journalism, everywhere you are you take pictures, videos, listen and report on whats happening to our people, since we can’t rely on these official news broadcasters evidently. Then we have one portal which we update with genuine information unlike have a thousand portals which are being distorted by the opposition with information. We have so many experts in different fields and now is the time to come in solidarity and write ourselves in the books of history, been a long time coming this!

Above all let’s have a straight forward agenda, Pastor Evan Mawarire’s videos are as clear as day light and have no sign of violence howsoever (which was rather confusing reading his charges when he was arrested). If you are a Zimbabwean and you think there is nothing you can do, think again. You are armed with at least two of the most powerful weapons of this generation: a mobile phone and a voice. Let’s follow and contribute to the hashtags #ThisFlag #FreePastorEvan #ZimShutDown2016

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