So I’m sure you’ve seen the Techfest posters and reviews on websites doing rounds on social media & building up excitement among fellow tech lovers & others, if not then you’re following the wrong accounts, keep up. By this time next week it will be going down in the city of Kings & Queens as the Technology conference electrifies the city with pitches & hacks, and parties among a span more cool stuff. TechFest is an annual event created to catalyze the development of local innovations that have the potential to impact communities at a global scale. It achieves this by celebrating existing start-ups working on emerging technologies and acknowledging young innovators working on potentially disruptive ideas. This is a really cool initiative propelled by a young generation hungry to make & be the change they want to see around them. I know just by looking at the posters, reading the reviews, and clicking on the tag, you already want to attend, here are 3 even more cool reasons to tag your friends along for a fun filled experience:

1. Breaking records (what we do best)

This festival is going to break quite a number of records believe me. Not just will it be the first of its kind in Zim and hosted in a tech savvy city, but it promises to be one of the biggest tech events to have the most number of girls participating. You do know that where there are girls then there’s always development and discovery of new techniques and ways of doing things right? Well I could be wrong, come let’s witness together. I know they have some Guinness World Records they are also eyeing to break, let’s be there when this happens and add in to the ‘I was there when…’ stories for our children (fun times, yes?)

2. Business opportunities and collaborative brilliance

Here’s what I love about technology, it’s the catalyst that binds business ideas together, now more than ever anyways. You may be into marketing, journalism, chemistry, construction, etc. here’s an opportunity to learn and dialogue on how you can use tech to advance your business. Not only that, by attending you increase chances of meeting potential investors and partners in your craft. You also get to compare quotes and choose who’s best and affordable and above all keep up with regional and international market trends. So bring your industry expertise to the Techfest and position your organization and brand as s powerhouse and trail blazer in the ever evolving market place. This will be amplified by the massive media coverage at the festival. You also get the opportunity to provide a problem set for the hackers and innovators to solve over the community hack and hackathon. This can be in the form of an organizational or industry wide challenge that is ripe for disruption.

3. Get you a nerd!

I know we’ve (almost) all thought of dating a poet at some point, the thought of waking up to poetic word play & even more on your birthday is just a flamboyant utopia. Now I know movies & books have painted nerds as boring group of people only good at doing homework on-time but just for a minute imagine a coding bae, one capable of coding and naming a whole application after you. You will download your app on Google Play even, that’s how cool you’ll be. These are the type of people we will be hanging out with at the festival (yes we, coz I ain’t missing a day!) it’s still the month of love anyway. It’s also an advantage to have a tech savvy partner in your business, let’s go get them!

Takunda Chingonzo, the founder of Techvillage acknowledges that the development of new technology for the African context can’t be based on models and methodologies created in first world countries. The African situation is plagued with numerous problems together with the highest youth demographic & lowest connectivity rates comparatively. As such, start-ups have to be built with this context in mind. The Techfest will help refine these processes and methodologies and help create an ecosystem wide standard of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Now grab your tickets and the brochure, and together let’s ‘tech’ this festival to the next level through interactive dialogue and knowledge sharing. For more information and updates check out and visit their social media accounts & . Let’s get trending with . See you there!