So I got news that 2 yung dropped some new music and I was excited especially after listening to cheater and his interlude on DonnyChords’ #PESE EP, I was all too eager because I know what he’s capable of. The new single is titled Ammara (I know you’re already thinking of possible Ammara Brown lines in the track but hold it) and was dropped under new recording label IL Duce Dynasty which I hear broke away from Zimbo Music. Even the cover art is too inviting to listen to the song it holds, so I downloaded and had a listen. A good listen, three times actually and I kinda felt robbed at first because there is nothing about Ammara Brown in the song except the name & hook, which is quite good by the way. I mean even Ruvheneko by The Vinnie King is about Ruvheneko, and Pearl Thusi by Emtee is about Pearl all 3 minutes, so why am I hearing about Ammara for 56 seconds. It was only after I calmed down that I realised what could have possibly happened. I had to check the cover art and listen to the hook again to confirm if it’s really about Ammara Brown or it’s another Ammara.

My conclusion was that this is a promotional strategy both for 2 yung and IL Duce Dynasty, done well I must say. ‘I mean we all know Ammara Brown what else you wanna know? But you don’t know about 2 yung and what he’s about, so here goes.’ See what he did? Caught your eye with the cover and hook then did the ‘let me re introduce myself’ on us. Yes it’s in the second verse where he says if you don’t know me you will sooner.

Reminds me of one creatives meeting in Bulawayo last year where one particular speaker who after trying & failing to grab people’s attention, shouted ‘nudes’ about 10 times, got our attention then presented on the business canvas model. All he wanted was attention, which he got then proceeded with his presentation. This is exactly what the young man did with his track. After all he did mention in the first verse that the song is about nothing really but he can make it trend, and with such strategies I have no doubt he can.

However I love the way the track is laid out, great mastering and voice synchronization, even the rapper was relaxed behind the mic.The execution is on point, it’s definitely a statement by IL Duce to say ‘we’re not here to play.’ Produced by Tha Dawg and Ricky Savage blended with 2 Yung’s lyrical prowess, the track will make a good entry on chart shows if well marketed. Bulawayo really is putting in the work this year as far as Zim Hip Hop is concerned, now we just have to push for regional & international collabos as well as airplay.

Listen to 2 yung’s Ammara Brown here.